Young female swimmers of all ages, sizes and abilities will find what they are looking for in our impressive range of girls swimwear.

We stock the world's best and most trusted swim and sports brands including Arena, Speedo, TYR, Jaked, Nike, adidas, Maru, Mad Wave and many more.

Our brands are constantly advancing girls swimwear to new standards of excellence, using the latest in girls swimsuit technology to create unrivalled levels of performance.

Nowhere is this more true than in our range of competitive girls swimwear. These are FINA-approved girls swimsuits which have been engineered to the highest quality.

But ProSwimwear are about more than just tech suits. We offer an extensive range of girls swimming costumes that are specifically designed for training, fitness and leisure.

Our chlorine-resistant girls swimsuits are exceptionally durable, so keep their fit, shape and colout for longer. They also offer UV protection.

For girls who just like to swim for fun, there's plenty to choose from in our leisure range of girls swimwear. This includes fashionable and bright girls swimsuits that are perfect for wearing at the beach or at pool parties.

So, if you need to buy your daughter a new girls swimming costume, make sure ProSwimwear is your first place to visit.

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