Choosing a specialist swimming wetsuit over a standard wetsuit will make a huge difference to your open water swim performance.

ProSwimwear's range of triathlon wetsuits have been made by the world's best brands to provide unrivalled flexibility and range of motion in the arms and shoulders.

Leading wetsuit brands such as TYR, HUUB, HEAD, Arena, Speedo, Blueseventy, Mad Wave, Orca and Aqua Sphere have spent years developing the most competitive and high-performance swimming wetsuits for all abilities.

If you're a begineer thinking of taking up open water swimming or triathlon, you may prefer to choose a swimming wetsuit with increased buoyancy to help you conserve energy while you develop your technique.

More experienced swimmers could choose from our elite range of triathlon wetsuits which reduce buoyancy in favour of incredible flexibility.

ProSwimwear also stock a range of trisuits and SwimRun wetsuits, which combine swimming and running performance excellently.

No matter what your size or age, we'll have the swimming wetsuit for you along with a range of essential open water accessories including thermal balaclavas, thermal swim socks, swim gloves, race belts, timing chip straps and transition rucksacks.

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